How to do section targeting in Google AdSense

Google AdSense crawler crawls your website and tries to extract keywords from your pages. While Google generally performs the task well, you can help them to do it better. This is because certain part of your site is not always related to the content of the page. This normally includes the sidebar, footer, and sometimes […]

How to find high paying keywords for Google AdSense

One of the most important step in increasing the cost-per-click for your AdSense ads is to target for the high paying keywords. This is because Google AdSense works by advertisers bidding on keywords on Google AdWords programs, where not all keywords get bid the same. To put it simply, the popular keywords get high bids, […]

How to display more relevant ads in Google AdSense

Google AdSense works by displaying ads relevant to a page. To get relevant ads, Google AdSense crawler crawls your site and extract keywords from the pages it visit. When a visitor visits a page on your site, Google will serve ads based on the extracted keywords that Google AdWords advertisers bid on.With that in mind, […]

How To Monetize Your WordPress Website Using Google Adsense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular monetization strategies for WordPress sites. There are many ways you can monetize your website using AdSense. It lets you determine the types of ads that appear on your site and you have full control over where the ads are placed. It’s easy to deal with because you insert […]

How To Monetize Your Website with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular methods for monetizing websites, and despite what you may have heard, it can still be an excellent way to support your content production efforts. In order to get the best results, it’s important to try different advertisement strategies. In this article, I will give you an introduction […]

AdNow Review: New Way to Monetize Your Website and Get Exposure

Earning from your Website is everyone’s dream, but considering the hardship you experience while getting a good enough ad-network and then getting accepted over there is a real problem isn’t it? Now when I say a “Good Ad-network”, there are certain metrics you might be thinking of, at least I do:- Easy Acceptance Good CTR rates. […]

Best Paying Google AdSense Alternatives

Everybody familiar with the fact that Google AdSense is highest paying online advertising network from the day it begins. There is no any best CPC advertising network which pays more than AdSense to the publishers. But yes, there are some Google AdSense alternatives which offers handsome amount of money. And I have prepared the list […]