How To Get Adsense Approval In 2018
How To Get Adsense Approval In 2018
How To Get Adsense Approval In 2018

Are you still asking questions like how to get Adsense Approval? If yes then this article is going to be the best article for you. Getting Adsense approval is not that difficult anyone can get Adsense approval easily just by following Google Adsense rules. Now you will ask what kind of rules we have to follow even I have a good website that is getting handsome traffic from search engines.

But a website with good traffic is not enough to get Adsense approval. There are many other things You should consider before applying for Google Adsense. And in this article, you are going to read how to get Adsense approval in 2018. If you are new on this blog then you should read our old post on how to get Adsense approval in 2017. So let’s start.

How To Get Adsense Approval In 2018

The first things you need to know is Adsense policy. That means before applying for Adsense you need to read Adsense policies. Policy Of Google Adsense is not much changed in 2018. So read Adsense rules carefully and then see your website. If your website had some content that does not comply with Adsense policy then you can apply after removing it.

Adsense Account Approval Process 2018

  1. Read Adsense Policy and remove content that does not comply with Adsense Policy.
  2. Now Go to and apply for Google Adsense account.
  3. Get Adsense code and place it on your website.
  4. Now Drive some traffic around 150 Pageviews per day.
  5. After 3 or 4 days you will get approval mail on your email address.

Questions About Getting Adsense Approval Fast

There are many questions that come to your mind when you read this kind of post. So here I’ll try to give you answers few of them. 
Q: How Many Article We should write before applying for Adsense?
Ans: You should have minimum 30 Articles on your website or blog.
Q: How much traffic I need to get Adsense approval?
Ans: Traffic is not that important even I got Adsense approval with a blog that has just 50 page views per day from search engines.
Q: What kind of theme we should use to get Adsense Approval?
Ans: If you want Adsense Approval then you need to find a theme that load fast, looks clean.

That’s it there is nothing more you need to follow. If you will follow all above steps and read Adsense policy then after a few days you will be able to get Adsense Approval. And Also you will say wow that was so easy.

Thanks for reading my this post and keep visiting for more useful blogger tricks, making money online tips and tricks, and much more. If you still have any question related to this post feel free to ask me by dropping your comment below.

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